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COAA Cares

Connecting Attendees with Rewarding Experience & Service

COAA Cares was created in early 2020 on the heels of a wildly successful event during COAA’s fall (2019) conference in Atlanta. Conference attendees constructed wooden rocking chairs for children in support of CHRIS 180, an Atlanta organization that seeks to “provide children, adults, and families with high-quality, trauma-informed behavioral health
services and support systems.”

The popularity of this – and the broader sense that COAA and its events ought to incorporate similar “give back” activities – led to the creation of COAA Cares.

COAA Cares aspires to:
• Achieve a high level of inclusive and hands-on participation that offers attendees a chance to engage with one another and the broader community.
• Create awareness and establish a network of relationships with peers at COAA and within the broader community through the act of collaboration that will grow and flourish over time.
• Develop a legacy of meaningful interaction that provides positive outcomes, awareness of the cause, and an opportunity for ongoing support of communities.
• Provide a fun and memorable experience that is well-organized and rewarding.

If you’d like more information, have ideas, or would like to get involved … email us!