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COAA is a volunteer-run organization. Our volunteers take great pride in their profession and want to make a difference in the industry.


COAA's Board of Directors manages the affairs of the association and serves as our governing body. The primary focus of the Board is to adopt policies and programming that will provide unsurpassed knowledge and information to Owners in the construction industry while insuring the fiscal health of the organization. The Board also serves as the Strategic Planning Committee which assess and develops, through research and futuristic thinking, programs that will position the association and its members as cutting-edge leaders and businesses in the construction industry. The Board is further charged to ensure the mission of the organization is in focus.

COAA's mission is to support facility Owners in the planning, design, and construction process through education and information exchange to facilitate continuous improvement and evolution of the industry.  

2019 Board of Directors

COAA President

Allison Muth

Facilities Project Manager - Austin

Texas Children's Hospital

COAA Vice-President

John Zahor
Associate Director of Design & Construction
University of Maryland Baltimore County

COAA Secretary/Treasurer

Marvin Woodward

Deputy State Property Officer

Georgia State Financing & Investment Commission

COAA Past President

Joe Sprys
Director, Facilities & Construction
National Heritage Academies

COAA Director

Lisa Berkey, PE

Director of Design & Construction

Penn State University


COAA Director

Shawn Kelly
Facilities Management
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

COAA Director
Terry Cook
AVP of Administrative Services
University of Maryland Baltimore County

COAA Director
Andrew Reilly
Director of Construction
Carnegie Mellon University

COAA Director-at-Large
Keith Douglas
Executive Vice President
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company