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Interested in Volunteering?

COAA members have the power to make a difference.  Sharing your time and expertise with the country's premier association for Owners gives you unique opportunities to interact with other outstanding individuals and expand your capabilities.  By volunteering, you'll have an influence on the future of COAA. Contact COAA for more information - (800) 994-2622.

COAA is a volunteer-run organization. Our volunteers take great pride in their profession and want to make a difference in the industry.


Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is comprised of up to five COAA members as appointed by the President to annually review and select the winners of the Project Leadership Awards.  Their selections are based on the guidelines governing the award program.  The objective of the award program is to select and recognize the projects that have achieved success in overcoming obstacles or difficulties in which the entire team worked cooperatively for resolution.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee plans, coordinates, and oversees the development of all presentations, panel discussions, and other informational sessions at COAA's bi-annual conferences.  The Committee's primary focus is providing Owners with high-quality, timely, and relevant content in an atmosphere (with speakers and panelists) that stimulate thought and provide a high degree of applicability to Owner's management of facilities planning, design, and construction.

Documents Committee

The Documents Committee is a representative body created to provide direction to owner members in terms of industry contract documents.  The Committee reviews industry contract document series and prepares comments for COAA membership to guide them in their contract negotiations.  The Committee is charged with monitoring industry trends and changes in order to determine contractual needs/changes.  Their efforts are focused on ensuring member value and protection.

Editorial Committee

The Communications/Editorial Committee’s function is to ensure member and association interests are met via the Owners Perspective magazine. The main focus of this Committee is to provide editorial expertise for the Owners Perspective magazine.

Education Committee

The Education Committee’s function is to provide expertise and futuristic thinking in the area of the Owner Training Institute. The main focus of this Committee is to evaluate program value and educational/business opportunities while seeking new and innovative methods to meet the growing and changing needs of COAA's members.

Industry Relations Committee

The Industry Relations Committee is a representative body whose purpose is to develop relationships with targeted industry partners, serve as a clearinghouse for industry partner proposals, and monitor/track all member industry relations activities. 

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is a representative body created to review current and develop future member benefit programs as well as to provide input relative to the structure of the association, e.g. fees, bylaws, categories, etc. The Committee is charged with the implementation of the association member marketing plan. Their efforts are focused on the recruitment of Owner members while ensuring member value to all member segments. 

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is comprised of a minimum of three members appointed by the COAA President. The Committee is charged with reviewing scholarship applications and recommending candidates to the Board of Directors. Additionally, the Committee reviews the selection criteria, annual process, and makes recommended changes to the program.

Workforce Development Committee

The purpose of the COAA Workforce Development Initiative Committee is to develop and carry out the workforce development strategic objectives and goals for COAA. The Committee will discuss, review and define COAA’s position in relation to current workforce challenges and the need to develop various education programs, recruitment efforts, public relations and marketing messages that target the current and future construction industry workforce.