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COAA was founded in 1994 to serve the interests of construction project owners. COAA is comprised of a diverse group of men and women representing construction project owners throughout America.

What is the Call for Nominations

It is the start of the process by which Directors are elected to the COAA Board of Directors. The Board is the governing body of the association and its actions are final, unless otherwise specifically provided by the Bylaws.
The Board of Directors:
  • Is the principal governing body of COAA.
  • Provides oversight for the business affairs of COAA and reviews and approves all of COAA’s financial matters.
  • Works with the Executive Director, who is responsible for the execution of programs, products and services approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Is responsible for setting the direction for the organization and establishing policies to guide this direction.
  • Establishes and monitors the progress of COAA’s plans for the future, including monitoring, updating and evaluating the implementation of a strategic plan.
  • Continuously seeks to identify future leaders of COAA.
  • Values and promotes consensus, cooperation and participation among all members and as individuals, should not represent any particular segment or constituency group of the membership, representing instead the interests of the entire association.