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Contact fellow peers for collaboration on projects and sharing of ideas and knowledge or make new contacts by reaching out to fellow project professionals for their expertise.

Member Directory

Peer-to-Peer collaboration is a great way to share ideas and lessons learned. COAA's membership includes public and private owners and developers who buy design and construction services, including colleges and universities, local and state government, healthcare organizations, K-12 school systems, and a variety of private companies representing industries such as lodging, manufacturing, and retail.

COAA also has Assoicate members. Associates are those who provide products and services to Owners (e.g., Builders, Designers, Consultants, Sureties, Software Companies, Attorneys, etc.).

Use COAA's Member Directory to connect with Members in your geographic area, with specific expertise, or in a particular Owner segment.

There's a wealth of knowledge among COAA members and they are willing to share with you!