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COAA's educational and networking events attract project owners from all over the country. Become a COAA Conference Sponsor today to begin receiving recognition for your support as soon as possible.  
Sponsorship items are first-come, first-served.  Contact Jill McKenzie for more information - 678-426-2771. 
2020 Spring Conference Sponsorship Opportunties
Badge Holder with company logo $6,000 SOLD
Thursday Keynote Speaker Sponsor $7,500  
Bags with your company logo $3,500  
Breakfast Thursday $4,000  
Breakfast Friday $3,500  
Break Thursday $2,500  
Conference Learning Journals with your company logo $2,500  
Mobile App (contains schedule, speaker info, photo album, ed session PPTs, and link to conference evaluations $6,000  
Charging Station with your company logo (2 opportunties) $1,500 ea  
Luncheon and Al Phillips Scholarship Presentation (Thursday) $5,000  
Lunch Friday $3,500  
Water bottle sponsor $3,000  
Conference Program Ad (Back Cover)  $3,000  
Schedule-At-A-Glance $2,000 SOLD
Catchbox sponsor (2 opportunties) $1,000 ea SOLD
Tour Sponsor $1,500  
Wi-Fi (Meeting space) with your password $5,000  
Audio Recordings synced to PPTs $3,000  
Albert E. Phillips Sponsorship  $3,000