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COAA was founded in 1994 to serve the interests of construction project owners. COAA is comprised of a diverse group of men and women representing construction project owners throughout America.


Owners' Roundtable

Session Number: 25


Date: 11/16/2018 12:45 PM - 11/16/2018 01:45 PM


This purposely unstructured discussion allows for professional-to-professional sharing of information, best practices, and lessons learned. Topics are generally either follow-up points from previous conference sessions or specific questions submitted in advance, but attendees may also spontaneously raise issues that re of particular interest to htem.  The key to the forum is its participant-driven form, but it's true educational benefit stems from the expertise of the attendeess themselves. That is, an audience of professionals from around the country allos for an unlimited number of "right answers" to "real-life" queries from fellow owners, designers, contrators, and other project participants.