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Chris Shay, Santa Clara University


Three Owners -Three Approaches: Aligning Delivery Methodology and Process to Maximize Institutional


Chris Shay has managed project and operational groups for the last 15 years, with a professional history that stretches back twenty-three years. He is a graduate of Michigan State University’s construction management masters program and MSU’s Civil Engineering undergraduate program. He has worked in the automotive, industrial, water, power and higher education fields, with projects that stretch across the U.S., Thailand and Vietnam. Chris has served twice, once with the U.S. Army Reserve and again as an officer with the U.S. Foreign Service. Within higher education, Chris has worked on medical, housing, performing arts, libraries, legal, education and science facilities within both new and historical buildings. Chris has served as both the Assistant Vice President for Operations and was the Interim VP for Finance at Santa Clara University for the previous two years. Currently Chris serves as the AVP for Operations with oversight of the Santa Clara University 2020 Capital Plan.