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Laura McCarty, University of California, San Diego


CM At-Risk: A Tale of Two Owners - Loudoun County Public Schools and University of California at San


Laura is a Capital Program Manager at University of California, San Diego leading a work group responsible for $200 million of a $3 billion construction plan including the $67M Design and Innovation Building. She has been influential in the Capital Program Management department through a period of expansive growth by implementing new project delivery methods. Her efforts are turning challenges and impacts into opportunities for transformation. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Irvine and Master’s Degree in Construction Engineering and Management from Stanford University in 1991. Laura is a leader in higher education, research, and healthcare campus’ capital building programs in San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Marin County. She composes high functioning teams, seeks process innovation, and collaborates extensively with stakeholders. Her expertise encompasses all phases of development from visioning, master planning, and design, through construction and commissioning. Laura served on the President’s Cabinet at the College of Marin for six years. During that tenure she also served on successful accreditation teams and on the Board of OCIP, the College's Self Insurance Program.