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Robert ("Tony") McGraw, Loudoun County Public Schools


CM At-Risk: A Tale of Two Owners - Loudoun County Public Schools and University of California at San


Robert (Tony) McGraw is the Project Executive for Loudoun County Public Schools on the Academies of Loudoun, a state-of-the-art STEM school in the making for over 10 years. The Academies brings together three distinct but related genres—Monroe Advanced Technical Academy, the Academy of Sciences, and the Academy of Engineering & Technology. The distinctions of these areas required persistent, careful and often tedious oversight with architects, consultants, engineers, contractors, and LCPS staff during the 4 year planning-construction-opening phases to ensure timely delivery. Tony’s 40+ years of construction experience with an expanse of projects both private and public facilitated smooth progress to set Loudoun’s largest and most unique school well on its path to accomplish its mission to “empower students to explore, research, collaborate, innovate and make meaningful contributions to the world in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.” The complexity of this public project required heightened attention to detail, coordination and budget parameters, all of which were paramount to its successful delivery. Implementation of the CMAR delivery method, a first for LCPS, enabled the project to proceed as ongoing design and construction details were addressed and resolved. Tony received a BS in Building Construction from Virginia Tech. In his spare time, Tony enjoys gardening with his wife, metal detecting for Civil War relics and volunteers at Loudoun Hunger Relief.