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Member Benefits

Owner Leadership Conferences
(Reduced registration fees)

Owner Training Institute
(Reduced registration fees)

(20% discount)

Contract Document Gold Standard Comments

Owners Perspective subscription
(Quarterly magazine)

Owner eForum
(Member-only ListServ)

Owner eCatalog
(Document respository/library)

Online Member Directory
(Find a Peer/Find a Company)

(Reduced Registration Fees)


Member-only resources on website


COAA is a national organization of public and private owners who manage facilities development and capital improvement projects. There is a wealth of knowledge among our members and they are willing to share with you!


When you join COAA, you will find yourself in a group of like-minded individuals who share your ideas.  You will finally have a voice and a place to turn to as an Owner in the construction industry.  We are here to regularly provide information beneficial to Owners in dealing with consultants, architects, engineers, sureties, contractors and all involved in the construction industry.  There is a wealth of knowledge among our members and they are willing to share with you!

COAA Membership from COAA Headquarters on Vimeo.



Join today! Owner training, Owner Leadership Conferences, peer-to-peer networking (both in-person and virtually) are just a few of COAA's member benefits.

What/Who is an Owner

What/Who is an Owner

If Builders build and Designers design, what do Owners do? Everything else! We teach students, practice medicine, manufacture products, offer entertainment and hospitality, provide government services, and much more.



COAA chapters provide a local forum for expressing and sharing Owner perspectives and issues.

COAA Corporate Partners

COAA Corporate Partners

The COAA Corporate Partner Program is a nonexclusive program available to organizations that want exposure to COAA members and the construction industry.