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Need Training Between Conferences and Local Chapter Events?

In addition to COAA's highly valuable local chapter events and in-person national conferences, COAA also offers multiple opportunities for distance learning.  Visit COAA Owner Training Institute® to learn about training courses, live and on-demand webinars, and Lorman Education Offerings.


Pennsylvania Chapter Leaders

President - John Bechtel, The Pennsylvania State University

Vice President - Daniel Marcinko, University of Pittsburgh

Secretary - Andrew Reilly, Carnegie Mellon University

Treasurer - Todd Webber, The Pennsylvania State University


Seeking news, networking opportunities, and workshops with the latest industry issues? Contact the COAA-PA Chapter with your fresh ideas, to update your contact information, join the leadership committee, or just stay connected for all the latest chapter happenings. We appreciate your support and participation!


06/04/2020 11:30AM - 06/04/2020 01:30PM
Location: Philadelphia, PA 

Center for Architecture & Design
1218 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Improving Project Outcomes...a Lean Coffee Lunch!

This session is not about Lean…and it’s not about Coffee!  Come experience an organized, interactive meeting format where the participants set the agenda, have fun, and learn what is important to them.  Attendees will learn why it is called Lean Coffee, then we will experience the process first-hand and also learn how to use this format for your own meetings.  People who have used it say things like, “It completely changed our staff meetings—for the better.  It’s amazing.”  Do not miss this unique opportunity to share your thoughts on how to improve project outcomes and hear from others with the same passion.  Designers, Builders, Vendors, and Owners will all be represented, and lunch will be provided. Space is limited! 

Registration Information               

GBCA Members: Register at www.gbca.com or call 215-568-7015
AIA Members: Register at www.aiaphiladelphia.org/calendar
COAA-PA Members and Local Owners are invited as guests (no charge) and should register with Angela at ahendrix@gbca.com or 215-568-7015.