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COAA is a national organization of public and private owners who manage facilities development and capital improvement projects. There is a wealth of knowledge among our members and they are willing to share with you!

What is an Organization?

For membership purposes, COAA defines an Organization to be an entity/unit that has its own operating budget.  Specific examples include:

Higher-Ed:                      Campus 

(The University of Texas System has 9 universities and 6 health institutions, each of which requires its own membership.)

Healthcare:                    Hospital

(Memorial Healthcare Systems has 6 hospitals, each of which requires its own membership.)

K-12:                                District

(Dekalb County School District has 145 schools and centers. Only one membership is required for the school district.)

Federal/State Government:     Agency/Department

(Each Agency/Department requires its own membership.)

Local Government:       City or County

(Cities or Counties require only one membership.)

Associates:                     Profit Center/Business Unit/Branch

(ABC Construction has over 40 offices nationwide.  Each office requires its own membership.)