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Member Benefits

Owner Leadership Conferences
(Reduced registration fees)

Owner Training Institute
(Reduced registration fees)

(20% discount)

Contract Document Gold Standard Comments

Owners Perspective subscription
(Biannual magazine)

Owner eForum
(Member-only ListServ)

Owner e-Catalog
(Document respository/library)

Online Member Directory
(Find a Peer/Find a Company)

(Reduced registration fees)


Member-only resources on website

Join today! Owner training, Owner Leadership Conferences, peer-to-peer networking (both in-person and virtually) are just a few of COAA's member benefits.


COAA's membership includes public and private owners and developers who buy design and construction services, including colleges and universities, local and state government, healthcare organizations, K-12 school systems, and a variety of private companies representing industries such as lodging, manufacturing, and retail.

Why Join COAA?

Owners and Developers stand alone in the complex, changing construction process, representing themselves in a major financial commitment. The management of the design and construction process requires knowledge of an industry whose technology evolves and changes continuously. It requires interfacing with all the groups involved in the construction process. Timing becomes critical to the Owner's bottom line.  Changes and decision-making endlessly occur. Disputes and litigation may become an issue.  It is critical for Owners to stay informed of the latest industry news, trends, and tools to help them successfully manage their facilities development and capital improvement projects.

As a COAA member, you will find yourself in a group of individuals who have similar goals, challenges, and responsibilities. You'll have access to training developed 'For Owners, By Owners'.  You'll be able to connect with the best! Share and learn best practices, advance your career, or find that key person to join your organization. 

COAA is here to help you be the best Owner you can be.

Member Categories

Owner - Individual

Open to any individual employed by an organization, or any state, local or federal government body or agency who regularly engages in construction activities as the facility Owner or Developer.  

Owner - Individual Membership includes one organization representative.  Representative is eligible to vote.
Annual Dues - $350

Owner - Group

Open to any Owner institution or organization who regularly engages in construction activities as the facility Owner or Developer.  

Owner - Group Membership includes one voting representative and unlimited additional representatives from the same organization being accorded regular membership privileges, except for voting.
Annual Dues - $1,000

Emerging Professional Owner - Individual

An Emerging Professional Owner is a recent graduate entering the workforce for the first time. An Owner is any individual, corporation, partnership, agency who either regularly or from time to time engage in the construction activities as the Owner. The individual must be under the age of 35, and present proof of  age during application process. 

Emerging Professional Owner - Individual Membership includes one organization representative.  Representative is eligible to vote.
Annual Dues - $175

Associate - Individual

Open to individuals who have an interest in the Owner's role in the construction process.  They provide products and services to Owners (e.g., Builders, Designers, Consultants, Sureties, Software Companies, Attorneys, etc.). Associate members are allowed full participation in the activities of the Association (except for voting, decision-making, administering, and governing of COAA).

Associate - Individual membership includes one organization representative.
Annual dues - $1,000

Associate - Additional Representative

Open to additional representatives from organizations with an Associate - Individual membership.
Annual dues - $500

Industry Association/Business League

Open to 501(c)3 and 501(c)6 entities with an interest in the construction industry.  One member from the Industry Association/Business League is designated as the representative and is allowed full participation in the activities of COAA (except for voting, decision-making, administering, and governing of COAA).  

Industry Association/Business League memberships include one complimentary registration for each COAA Owners Leadership Conference.  Registration may be used by a staff member or volunteer of the Industry Association/Business League.
Annual dues - $1,000


Open to individuals who are full-time undergraduate students (twelve or more credit hours per semester).  
Annual dues - $40


Open to individuals whose primary employment is as a faculty member with an institution of higher education.  
Annual dues - $80
COAA is exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, as a Section of 501(c)(6) organization.  Membership payments to COAA are not deductible as charitable contributions, but may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses. Members should consult their tax advisors for further information.