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Small/Minor Projects Survey: Owners, What Are Your Top 5 Challenges?

Posted 09/04/2020, by COAA

The terms “small project” or “minor project” imply simplicity and ease, but Owners know that these projects are often the most difficult to execute.  We’d like to know WHY that’s often true and then begin helping Owners improve their small/minor project delivery process.  To do so, we need your help.

We’ve created a nanoscale (really short) survey that seeks to understand more about the challenges and “pain points” associated with these projects, so Owners (only) … please take LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES and provide your feedback by completing the survey HERE.
This is part of a broad effort by COAA and its Education Committee to create tangible content for Owners … a body of knowledge to help them improve how they plan, manage, and deliver small or minor projects, regardless of how that term is defined by their organization.