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Save money by eliminating travel and lodging costs for training. We can bring COAA Owner Training Institute® Courses to you! Train your entire project team - even the end users!

In-House Training

We can bring COAA Owner Training Courses to you!

If you procure or manage design and construction services for your organization – whether you are with a university, K-12 school system, healthcare facility, lodging, government, utilities, or manufacturer - COAA has designed a program that can bring any of our Owner Training Institute Courses to your location.

Why bring COAA OTI to your location?

  • Our experienced instructors (Owner, architect, and contractor) come to you.  
  • There is less time out of the office for your staff.
  • You save money by eliminating travel and lodging costs.
  • You can train your entire project team so that everyone is on the same page – including the end user.
  • You can take advantage of the discounted pricing for training.
  • Courses can be held at a time that is convenient to you.

Step 1 – Decide what course or courses you would like to host at your location.

  • Click on “Bring OTI to My Location” button and complete the information requested
  • Choose from COAA’s OTI Course listing which includes 1- and 2-day courses and provide some date options for the course
  • Determine the number of individuals – up to 25 - that will take the course

Step 2 – Secure a meeting room and location.

  • Provide a meeting room for the course that can accommodate u-shaped seating for 25 (1000 SF)
  • Provide a laptop, LCD projector and screen, podium, flip charts, wireless slide advancer and head table for instructors, power strips for attendees, and tent cards*
  • Provide Wi-Fi access
  • Provide Meals and beverage breaks for attendees*

*If preferred, COAA can coordinate the Audio Visual, meals and breaks and charge back to you.

Step 3 – We take it from here.

  • COAA will provide Owner focused, interactive training led by an Owner, architect, and contractor.
  • COAA will pay the travel, food, and lodging expenses for instructors.
  • COAA will digitally provide the handouts prior to the course.
  • COAA will gather feedback from participants after the course that can be shared with you.