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The Owner Training Institute encompasses 12 Owner Training Courses, Live and On-Demand Webinars, and discounts on Lorman Education products.

Owner Training Courses

Over the years COAA has heard from facility owners about the need for training - training for owners' project managers - from the owner's perspective. The wait is over - Training for Owners, by Owners is here!   

The curriculum consists of 12 Owner-focused courses, plus a 13th under development. To maximize the learning experience, attendance is targeted at 25 and courses are lead by COAA's signature three-person team of instructors - an Owner, designer, and contractor - allowing participants to gain a great understanding of each party's perspective.

Watch this short video to hear & see more about the Owner Training Institute!


OTI Course Catalog (PDF)

Top 10 Reasons Owners' Project Managers should participate in a


                             12 OTI Courses 

                                                  Course               Duration
                                                                                                    Core Skills
Cost Management 1 day
Introduction to Construction Project Management 2 days
Project Management: An Owner's Perspective 1.5 days
Schedule Management 1 day
                                                                                         Process Management
Contruction Process Management 1 day
Design Process Management 1 day 
Project Closeout 1 day
                                                                                              Project Delivery
Construction Management at Risk January 23 - 24, 2020
Design-Bid-Build: How to Make It Work Well 1 day
Design-Build 2 days
                                                                                           Project Team Selection
Construction Team Selection 1 day
Design Team Selection 1 day

Questions?  1-800-994-2622 or email COAA.