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Course Outline - DPM

Design Process Management

Course Outline

1. WHY Manage The Design Process
    Why … and Why NOT
    Crazy Ride / One Shot
    Common Threads
2. WHO (Designers) and WHAT (The Process)
    How Designers Think & Work
    The Nature of Design
    Risk Management and Planning the Plan
    Deliverables and Reviews
    Other Considerations (e.g., Design Assist)
3. HOW To Manage in the Real World
    Managing the Team
    Schedule & Time
    Budget & Cost
    Construction Planning
4. Other Considerations, Tips, and Suggestions
    Furnishings & Equipment
    Scope Creep
    Closeout Planning

Learning Objectives

1.  Understand the design process and the players.
2.  Learn why leading design is important.
3.  Grasp the importance of planning and scheduling.
4.  Discover best practices, tips, and suggestions.