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Ten Reasons Owners' Project Managers Should Participate in COAA OTI Courses

1.    Most owners do not have the time and/or resources to develop and conduct training for their project managers.

COAA OTI courses are the only training available in the industry specifically designed for Owners’ Project Managers – it is training “For Owners, By Owners.”

2.    The training includes valuable and proven tools, strategies and documents that Owners’ Project Managers can use immediately to minimize project risk, improve efficiency, maximize quality and maintain project budgets.   

Examples include project management guides, design submittal checklists, design review checklists, project budget tracking spreadsheets, and meeting notes formats.

3.    Courses are conducted by an experienced 3-person instructor team led by an Owner who is joined by an Architect and Contractor.  This approach is unique in the construction industry.

4.    The course size is limited to 25 participants by design.  So an owner’s project manager does not get lost in a crowd.

5.    Course participants are fully engaged with small group exercises, role playing and “real life” project examples with valuable “lessons learned.”  This approach is possible due to the limited course size.

6.    The “Return on Investment” of this training for Owners includes avoidance of budget overruns, delays in completion, dissatisfied end users, and claims.  Any owner who has had even just one construction claim knows how costly it can be in time, money, personnel resources as well as reputation.

7.    Courses provide an opportunity to meet and network with other Owners.

8.    Courses are affordable and are held in clusters in easy to reach locations.

9.    Courses can be taken “on the road” directly to Owners’ organizations/locations.

10.    Courses are accredited through AIA's Continuing Education System for Learning Units. Certificates of Completion are also available.