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IRS 179D Deduction for Government Owned Buildings

COAA Webinar: June 16, 2020  2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT

On December 20, 2019, the President signed legislation reviving the Section 179D energy efficient commercial building tax deduction and while much has been said about the boost to commercial green building, this webinar will focus on the enormous benefits available for government owned buildings.

An energy efficient commercial building or property that is installed on or in property owned by a Federal, State, or local government or a political subdivision where the owner of the property may allocate the Sec. 179D deduction to the person primarily responsible for designing the property (which is defined very broadly). Of course, the government does not pay federal income tax such that it cannot utilize a tax deduction, so that tax deduction may be allocated to a taxpayer.

This tax deduction of $1.80 per square foot (i.e., this tax incentive is based on the area of the building not the dollar amount expended) had been in effect since January 1, 2006, but the systems and buildings must have been placed in service by December 31, 2017, which is when Sec. 179D expired, prior to this revival. And it should not be lost on anyone that this tax deduction was revived back to December 31, 2017 (when it last expired) and will remain effective through December 31, 2020.

COAA will apply for AIA Learning Units for this webinar. 


Stuart Kaplow is an environmental attorney based in Maryland the eponymous law firm, Stuart D. Kaplow, P.A.  He represents a broad breadth of organizations, capturing opportunities while mitigating risks, concentrating in real estate and environmental law with focused experience in sustainability, including green building.
Kaplow publishes the widely read www.greenbuildinglawupdate.com blog.             
For more than two decades he served as an adjunct Professor of Law, at the University of Baltimore School of Law, teaching sustainable real estate. He is a frequent motivational speaker and lecturer on innovative solutions to the environmental issues of the day, including speaking to a wide variety of audiences on green building, and he has authored more than 700 articles centered on his philosophy of “environmental risk as an opportunity.”
Kaplow was selected by the American Bar Association as one of ten Legal Rebels for his work in creating and advancing the emergent body of law that is green building and sustainability law.
A native of Florida, practicing law in Maryland since 1985, Kaplow is a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law, having earned a Juris Doctor degree in two years. He graduated with honors from the University of Maryland, Division of Behavioral & Social Sciences, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in land use planning.
If there is any question about his fortitude and strength of will, Kaplow has trekked and climbed on some of the wildest real estate on the planet from Kilimanjaro to Everest and K2, with many summits and mountaineering adventures in between.


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