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COAA OTI Webinars are recorded and are available for download at your convenience. Please refresh your computer for the latest information on Webinars - On Demand.

Webinars - On Demand

On-Demand Webinars


Please contact COAA for purchase/download.

IRS 179D Deduction for Government Owned Buildings June 16, 2020 
Increasing Productivity with Prefabrication and Modular Construction April 22, 2020
Reviewing Baseline Schedules February 26, 2020
Running Start: How Comprehensive PrePlanning Helped One Campus Achieve the Impossible December 10, 2019
Job Order Contracting: Do's and Don'ts October 22, 2019
Women in Skilled Trades June 12, 2019
So You Want a BIM Model But What Does That Really Mean? April 16, 2019
Getting Decisions That Stick: What Owners Can Uniquely Do February 13, 2019

Children's Hospital Makes Child's Play Out of Integrated Design

August 17, 2017
The Smithsonian Asks...What Are You Doing to Satisfy Your Clients? February 23, 2017
Safety First: Why Should Owners Care December 14, 2016
Collaboration that Actually Worked - Why Relationships and Culture Matter

October 27, 2016

What is a Smart Building? 10 Mega Trends That Define It August 25, 2016
Pushing the Limits to Find Collaborative Partners June 29, 2016
Is Perfection Possible? Managing Uncertainty and Expectations in Building Design & Construction April 26, 2016
The Waterhub at Emory University Turning Blue into Green February 18, 2016
Design Assist - A Subcontractor's Perspective December 17, 2015
Last Planner System: Why Should Owners Care October 22, 2015
Maximizing Project Success: Research-based Evidence of What Really Matters August 20, 2015
Leadership vs Management: Making the Transition June 23, 2015
Workforce Shortage - Should Owners Care April 22, 2015
From the Head to the Heart: Emotional Intelligence and Project Success February 26, 2015
The Devil's In The Details: The BIM LOD Specs December 2014
OK, I'm Using and Requiring BIM, Now What? October 2014
Prevention Through Design: A Leadership Opportunity for You! August 2014
Value-Based Procurement and Contracting...Is this the Solution to Common Owner Frustrations? June 2014
Collaboration Begins Within: MD Anderson's Internal Journey  April 2014
Optimizing Projects Using IPD: Lessons for Owners from a Legal Perspective February  2014